At Ladysmith Public School we all feel part of the school community as everyone cares ensures we are all safe and learning together. A Harmony Day project ensured we all worked for this outcome.
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Weekly Round Up Week 1 Term 1 2017

Welcome back for a new year of learning at Ladysmith Public School. The staff wish you all a very happy new year, one that is productive, safe and happy. We look forward to seeing all the parents and students on day 1, Monday... Read more

A happy group of campers

Weekly Round Up Week 9 Term 4 2016

Everyone arrived back safely after the excursion to Howman's Gap. It was a wonderful experience with so many activities. The students participated in many team building sessions which led to a wonderful end results. Year 6 were... Read more

Weekly Round up Week 8 Term 4 2016

Excursion week for students in years 2,3,4,5 and 6- and we are all getting very excited. Tuesday morning we will leave at 8am and head for the hills. We have a fun filled schedule at Howman's Gap where everyone will experience... Read more

Ladysmith students are offered an innovative and progressive learning environment that enriches their individuality.We care for our environment, each other and our futures.