At Ladysmith Public School we all feel part of the school community as everyone cares ensures we are all safe and learning together. A Harmony Day project ensured we all worked for this outcome.
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Weekly round up week 3 term 1 2017

Information night on Wednesday was well attending with 76% of our families joining in a session outlining many aspects of our school. Then each teacher shared information with parents and everyone joined in a P & C BBQ which was... Read more

Weekly round up week 2 term 1 2017

Welcome to our new families and their children, it is lovely to see so many young children around the school. Younger siblings ensure we are an active energetic environment. The Kindergarten students have settled in very well,... Read more

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Our shared responsibility

Welcome back for the 2017 school year. I hope everyone had a relaxing and refreshing break. I'd like to particularly welcome students (along with their parents) and staff starting in our schools for the first time. May the... Read more

Ladysmith students are offered an innovative and progressive learning environment that enriches their individuality.We care for our environment, each other and our futures.