At Ladysmith Public School we all feel part of the school community as everyone cares ensures we are all safe and learning together. A Harmony Day project ensured we all worked for this outcome.
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Weekly Round Up Week 2 term 2 2017

Ladysmith Public School is collaborating with Smiles Onsite to promote healthier, happier smiles at our school! This incredible service is being offered for FREE under the federal government's Child Dental Benefits Schedule... Read more

All inclusive

Weekly Round Up Week 1 term 2 2017

Welcome back for the new term, Easter is just around the corner so we wish you all a safe and happy holiday period. Time with family is invaluable. Once Easter is over the new term will be upon us. Monday 24th April staff will... Read more

Weekly Round Up Week 9 Term 1 2017

On Friday the leaders started their project of raising funds to provide ipads to students who will benefit from this form of technology. Ice – creams were a hit, even though they were a little soft. Thank you to everyone who... Read more

Ladysmith students are offered an innovative and progressive learning environment that enriches their individuality.We care for our environment, each other and our futures.